Life without old age: popular illustrated edition (in Russian)


The results of sensational research are recognized by the world science and published in numerous scientific articles in the Russian and foreign press.

The reader can get acquainted with them and practical conclusions from it completely in the book "Life without old age". Presenting it, Vladimir Posner said that he was fascinated by the idea, supported by evidence, that aging can be canceled, and is ready to follow Skulachev's recommendations. The popular edition of Life without old age will allow the reader to imagine how the genetic program of aging is arranged without special biological or medical education, and what discoveries that helped to slow it down made Academician Skulachev.

The reader will find a fascinating story with beautiful pictures of ageless animals, the principle of usefulness of grandparents, and most importantly - as a means of old age can prolong life now. After reading the book, you believe that you can deceive the biological mechanism of aging and make the body think that it's too early to grow old.

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