Advantages of MitoVitan ®

What is MitoVitan® / Mitovitan®? What is the advantage of MitoVitan® / Mitovitan® serum?
The latest achievement of the Mitotech laboratory in conjunction with the MVLomonosov Moscow State University. Lomonosov, a serum with a unique component obtained on the basis of Skulachev ions. The rejuvenating efficacy of SkQ1 is several times higher than that of coenzyme Q10, which is often used to correct this problem. It effectively rejuvenates due to the antioxidant effect, penetrating into the skin cells, and accumulates directly in the mitochondria, slowing down the aging process. Included in the plant components restore the natural water balance, increase the elasticity of the skin and smooth wrinkles. Apply once a day with massage movements on problem areas. The use of MitoVitan (Mitovitan) serum daily smoothes the skin, reduces the appearance of existing signs of aging and prevents the appearance of deep and facial wrinkles. It is recommended to use serum in combination with a moisturizing cream for the skin, prone to dryness.

Why do we grow old?
According to the latest scientific data, aging occurs as a result of the action of the biological program laid down in our genes.

Intervention (Latin intervention - intervention) is the only way to stop this program.

Mitochondria are the parts of the cell responsible for breathing, i.e. "Burning" of nutrients in oxygen.
Unfortunately, while a small percentage of oxygen is converted by mitochondria into extremely dangerous substances - free radicals.

Free radicals - the main cause of aging tissues, organs, the whole body.

Under the influence of the aging program in mitochondria, the generation of free radicals increases with age, which damage all cellular structures and cause aging of the skin and the whole organism.

Mitovitans are substances that can interfere with the program of aging and reduce the number of free radicals.


Ion Skulachev
At the turn of the 1960's and 70's. V.P. Skulachev and his colleagues at Moscow State University jointly with the group of Professor E.M. Lieberman at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR were busy checking the validity of the chemosmotic hypothesis of P. Mitchell (Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1978), postulating the presence of a difference in electrical potentials on the mitochondrial membrane. The results of this work, published in the journal Nature (222, 1076-8), have shown that some compounds-lipophilic cations (for example, phosphonium ions) are capable of penetrating intimately into the mitochondria driven by an electric field on the mitochondrial membrane (the minus sign inside the mitochondria ). In 1974, such compounds were named by the famous American biochemist D. Green "Skulachev ions." Read more in our blog ->